【Provide Always-Fresh Water】An innovative way to provide always-fresh water to your hens. When your chickens peck the yellow trigger, the chicken waterer valve automatically releases water into the plastic cup. Each part is tightly connected so that no leakage occurs.
【Save Time and Efforts】No need to clean or refill frequently, save your time and efforts.Suitable for chickens, pigeons, birds, quail and other pets.Your chickens are thirsty and want you to buy these poultry drinking cups so they have a constant, automatic supply of fresh water.
【Easy Installation】Can easily convert for side or bottom mounting.10 pieces are included in 1 pack, a good value for money.
【High Quality】These chicken drinkers are made of plastic material, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, long service life.
【Quality Guarantee】Guarantee 100% refund, if you have any dissatisfaction on the quality of goods, please contact us, we are willing to send you a new goods or a full refund.




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