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1.These pet bandages are breathable, which can prevent the wound from overheating, resulting in failing to reach the most efficient recovery effect
2.The vet wrap has great elasticity and may also be well fixed on the wound
3.These pet wrap bandages are mall, light and easy to carry, which can be utilized in home first aid kit

Material: quality non-woven fabric
Height: 4in/3in/2in/1in
1 x Blue pet bandages (4*1.8in)
2 x Red pet bandages (3*1.8in,1*1.8in)
2 x Green pet bandages (2*1.8in)

After putting on the bandage, please keep the pet away from water in a different way it is going to make the wound healing slow down.

【More than a few Size】: The height of pet bandage is 4in/3in/2in/1in. Bandages with different sizes are suitable for different parts and different wounds.
【Quality Self-adhesive Non-woven Fabric】: The pet wrap bandages is made of quality self-adhesive non-woven fabric, which has good air permeability, elasticity, non-stick hair and anti-friction.
【Easy to Carry】: These animal bandages are lightweight and small, so they are able to be carried around when camping in the wild or traveling.
【Easy to Use】:Compared with other similar products, this pet bandage tape has better adhesiveness, and it’s easy to tear without scissors. No adhesive or fixing pins required after pasting
【Wide Application】 : These pet self-adhesive bandages not only can be utilized for dressing pet wounds, but also suitable for emergency protection, first aid kits, human wounds, and the like., which has the same good effect.

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