Product specifications Size: 5.9 inches in diameter

color: blue

Weight: 0.1KG Material: 100% Food-Grade Silicone and BPA free, food-protected, non-toxic, BPA free and strong flexibility, never deformed. Perfect size for both cats & small and medium dogs.

This kind of dog licking pad helps reduce anxiety and stress all over bathing or grooming. Just put some peanut butter on the mat and paste it on any smooth surface.

This can distract your pet and make them feel at ease in the bath or other occasions (such as visiting the vet, nail clippers, recovering from injuries, thunderstorms and fireworks).

Serve yogurt, peanut butter and other organic health foods. Food will be deposited on the surface of the mat. Repeated licking by pets will increase endorphins in the brain, thereby calming pets and making them happy. It is vitally suitable for alleviating the anxiety of cats and dogs under stress to suppress destructive behavior.

The unique surface of this puppy licking pad has a bone pattern, which can better retain more food for the dog. It has a strong suction cup on the back of the dog lick pad, which helps to fix it on a smooth and clean surface

Advantages of puppy lick pad:

1. It can prevent the puppy from getting too fast and affecting digestion

2. Prevent the dog from squirming and escaping in the bath

3. Can be utilized as a dog toy to lick.

4. More suction cups, more suction

5.This type of lick mat food for dogs made of high-quality non-toxic silicone

6. This dog lick pad is easy to clean

1. This dog lick mat is 5.9 inches in diameter, 100% food grade silicone and BPA free, food protected, non-toxic, and flexible. Suitable for cats and small and medium-sized dogs.
2. This type of lick mat food for dogs equipped with a special silicone scraper with a strong suction cup, which can prevent it from falling and slipping. It helps to relieve pet anxiety all over bathing or grooming time. It keeps you and your dog happy whilst bathing and grooming.
3. There are 37 powerful suction cups on the back of the dog pad, It may be prevented from falling and slipping. It helps to relieve pet anxiety all over bathing or grooming time. It keeps you and your dog happy whilst bathing and grooming.
4.This type of lick pad food for dogs raised edge of the texture pattern can prevent food from spreading and keep the toilet, shower room or counter clean. Dog licks with texture patterns help clean teeth, fresh breath and healthy gums, and promote dental health. This unique plate design effectively reduces the pet’s eating speed and prolongs the meal time, thereby reducing bloating and improving Digestibility.
5. Dog lick pads are easy to clean up residual peanut butter or other dog snacks in the dishwasher. You’ll also simply wash with hot soapy water to take away food residues on the surface of the silicone.

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