Our ACME dog whistles guarantee clear signals in almost all (dog) situations: every dog whistle is frequency standardized. Our dog whistles guarantee clear and distinct commands even in bad weather (humidity, frost), difficult environmental conditions (e.g. high ambient noise) and different blowing strengths (panic etc.). Even after years you’ll still reorder the same dog training whistle without having to condition the dog to a new frequency.

CLEAR SIGNALS: This ACME dog whistle ensures that your dog will all the time receive clear signals and commands. Even loud background noises such as those from motorways and construction sites will not drown out this high pitch dog whistle. Communication between you and your dog becomes much clearer and easier.
SAME TONE: This high frequency dog training whistle is frequency standardized, which means that whoever uses the whistle (e.g. partner, child), it is going to all the time emit the same sound, irrespective of their emotional state. Even supposing you lose your whistle, you’ll simply reorder it and it is going to have the same exact tone as before, so your dog won’t have to adjust to a new tone.
TRENDY COLOURS: The ACME dog whistle is available in many different beautiful colours to suit every outfit and occasion. Every family member can choose the best dog whistle for them in the colour they want, and every whistle will still sound the same.
TRAINING: Whether you need to go hunting with your dog or simply want to call him in throughout walks, start whistle training as early as conceivable. If you have conditioned your pet to a frequency, stay with that frequency. The benefit of these high-quality ACME dog training whistles is that you’ll order them in the same frequency even years later.
WHISTLE STRAP: You’re going to receive a FREE matching whistle strap with your whistle. This way you’ll hang your dog whistle around your neck and have it ready to hand all the time. This also minimises the risk of loss.

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