【Good quality】Simply just brilliant for 6 lights, all with CR battery installed, plus six spare batteries. Clipped to harness or collar ,they work well and are nice and bright. Easy to spot the dogs at night, cars slow right down. Handy when letting our dog off the lead in a field when it’s getting dark.
【3 Modes pet pendant】There are 6 different colours and three settings on the light, rapid flashing, slow flashing and continually on. 3 different modes to chose from , these would even be great on a cyclist, or child so that they can be noticed by motor vehicles.
【Easy to use】Has different modes for either a solid or flashing light ,they’re really bright, colourful and easily clip onto the collar. Button side is rubber & removes to replace battery , good strong clip and made very well. Easy to clip on and light quality is good. Great for evening walks.
【Safety light】With six different clip-on light supplied in varying colours, plus a full set of replacement batteries. They are sturdy and are easy to clip on and off a collar D-Ring. They are bright enough for safety, dogs can be seen clearly, at a distance, in the dark nights.
【Multi purpose】Great build, secure fastener and robust .They clip on to the D ring and he has a flashing or static light identifying where he is so other walkers and motorists can be aware of him. Excellent for taking dog out in the evenings and being able to see him off lead.



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