【High-Visibility Reflective Clothing】- Protect your best friend. Our high-visibility fluorescent reflective dog vest provides critical visibility, allowing your 4-legged friends to be very prominent on the road to improve road safety. Very suitable for walking morning and evening.
【Lightweight and Comfortable Material】- The reflective jacket is made of high-quality, tear-resistant, breathable and soft fabric. Anti-freeze, easy to clean, durable. Reduce the tingling and resistance of pets to clothes.
【Enhanced Security and Visibility】- Suitable for light or dark environments. The highly visible neon green & orange fabric and reflective trim ensure that your pet is visible to cars and hunters, helping to prevent accidents.
【Safe and Warm】- This is a safety protective suit-for protection. It can completely cover the appearance of pets and can also be used to keep warm. It is a fleece material. Let it no longer be cold in winter.
【Easy to Use】- Easy to put on and take off. Easy to clean and completely washable. Very suitable for all walking scenes with dirt and dirt.





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