Solid and portable: the nylon and ABS plastic with high quality ensures the convenience and durability of the pet hair remover roll. Lint brush is small and lightweight, it is more convenient for pet owners to have a pet hair remover at home or even to bring with you when you travel with pets.
Self-Cleaning – This cleaning process is easy and no need to tear out lint paper. Just open the lid and then remove the hair from the hair container, save many adhesive lint rollers. After removing pet hair, you can wipe the roller with a damp cloth.
Lint roller for most furniture cleaning: with the reusable pet hair remover, you can collect pet hair on all furniture surfaces: cotton linen wool, sofas, bedding, carpets, upholstery, or car seats.
Easy to use: simply roll it back and forth on the surface of the sofa, bed, or any furniture, please press the button quietly and open the lid, remove all hair from the hair container.
Use tips: you have to apply a light pressure and a little bit of strength – but you immediately notice that this makes a sense because you really pull all hair out of the surface to be processed, no matter how small and tiny they are. The result can be seen first directly when applying to the carpet / upholstery and secondly when opening the collection container. What does the thing get out – incredible.



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