Dog barking collar: When the dog barks to a certain level, it will trigger the product to work automatically. The most effective training mode can be selected according to the nature and behavior of the dog.
3 training modes: sound + vibration + electric shock, and 7-position shock sensitivity adjustment, digital tube display vibration, electric shock and sensitivity gear bark stopper, you can finally control the dog’s barking, which will make you and the dog better happy.
When the vibration position is 0, the product can only emit sound and electric shock. When the electric shock position is zero, the product can only vibrate by sound. When the vibration and electric shock positions are not 0, the product will sound first, then vibrate and then shock. Dog strap diameter range: 0-18cm
Dog training device: Built-in rechargeable battery. It takes 1 hour to fully charge at a time. The battery life of the product is 14 days. When charging, the digital tube displays 0 flashing, and the fully charged digital tube displays 0 and stops flashing. Product size: 65*38*34MM
Ensure safety: After the continuous output of electric shock continues to be triggered 7 times, it will stop for 1 minute to prevent long-term electric shock from causing damage to the dog. Waterproof and durable: IP67 waterproof bark collar can be used indoors and outdoors in any weather. Can be recharged repeatedly to prevent domestic water.



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