【Automatic Refills Fountain】With its automatic gravity supply mode, fresh water will always flow gradually. No electricity needed! Now you can leave for a short getaway at ease without having to worry about your pet bird.
【Bird Water Dispenser for Cage】The pigeons water feeder is one of the necessities for birds to drink water and eat food in a bird cage. Perfect for pigeons, budgie, cockatiel, lovebirds, conure, parakeet, macaw and other birds.
【Easy to Clean】Barrel and chassis can be split, you can rinse directly with water, it is recommended to wash once a week.
【High Quality】Using high quality hard plastic material, safety and health, sturdyand durable, Small size and lightweight, easy to carry and store, convenient to use.
【Quality Guarantee】Customer satisfaction is very important to us, if you have any dissatisfaction on the quality of goods, please contact us, we are willing to send you a new goods or a full refund.



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