Size Name:Standard 1.2m/48inch Lead

Product description

Dexil Ltd / Friendly Dog Collars(TM) have created Award Winning (K9 Breeders and Associates pet product of the year) colour coded dog collars, leads, harnesses, and coats to assist with socialising and prevent unwanted attention and imaginable dog accidents when in public areas.

These worded, embroidered, brightly coloured dog awareness products are designed with safety in mind to aid yourself, other dog walkers, adults and children from a distance with what type of nature/temperament of the dog that is approaching them. We are confident that this colour coded system could assist with preventing the number of dog bites/attacks and reduce unprompted fights between dogs at the same time as out in public or on a walk. Now currently being stocked in over 600 stores worldwide in 25 countries, this is the best way to allow others to know your dog in advance.

The system: Red ‘CAUTION’ (Do Not Approach) Orange ‘NO DOGS’ (Not good with other dogs), Green ‘FRIENDLY’: (Known as friendly to all), Yellow ‘NERVOUS’, Blue ‘TRAINING’, Blue ‘SERVICE DOG’, White ‘BLIND DOG’, White ‘DEAF DOG’, Purple ‘DO NOT FEED’, Yellow ‘BLIND DOG’

Also with the other ranges we do, the public can be pre-warned about a certain other dogs’ needs in advance. By being pre-warned about a certain dogs temperament such a lot of situations can be have shyed away from cutting down on the 8 million dog bites reported on adults and children worldwide each year. By the usage of these, you could also save imaginable $$$’s on veterinary bills or court fees and enrich your loyal companions lifestyle.


Created, designed, registered, trademarked, copyrighted, IP and patent pending by Dexil Ltd / FriendlyDogCollars.

Safety Warning

This product is for animal use only

Legal Disclaimer

Dexil/FriendlyDogCollars takes no legal liability or responsibility for the use or misuse of the products. It is the purchasers/dog owners sole responsibility to ensure correct collar/lead/harness or coat choice for their dog, and take into account that Dexil can not offer any individual guidance for which collar/lead/harness or coat will have to be purchased for the intended dog. The colour coded system is to be used as a general guide only. Dexil is a registered trademark. All products owned by Dexil are secure by Trademarks, Copyright, IP Designs and Patents.

<a href="javascript:void(0)" data-action="a-expander-toggle" class="a-expander-header a-declarative a-expander-extend-header" data-a-expander-toggle="Prime quality double layered lead 120cm (4ft /48inch). Includes luxury neoprene padded handle
Use the BLIND DOG range to show that this dog has limited/no sight
All products feature durable nylon, anti-corrosion triggers and 'D' rings, and embroidered wording
Colour coded with wording to PREVENT accidents or incidents in public, A Safer Place For All
Available in buckle and semi-choke collars, leads, harnesses and coats in more than a few sizes and ranges


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