UNDER 1% FAT! These tasty, natural fish skin dog treats are low fat & include not one of the awful sugars and grains of big brand low calorie dog treats. Which makes them ideal treats for older dogs with less active lifestyles, dogs on a diet, with pancreatitis or diabetic dogs. Calm down knowing you’ll help give your dog a longer, happier life with delicious low fat treats without sugar or grain – Just Whitefish Skin – Nothing Else!
NATURAL DOG DENTAL CHEWS! Fish skin jerky has a naturally rough surface which acts like a floss – rubbing between your dog’s teeth and against their gums. Which means that these fish treats for dogs act as a wonderfully natural dental chew to help prevent tartar build up and steer clear of terrible trips to the vet for descaling and the awful pain of toothache or gum disease.
NATURAL! 100% Whitefish. Made in the United Kingdom from only one ingredient so you know exactly what you’re feeding your dog. These healthy dog treats are grain free with no gluten, derivatives, additives or preservatives – Which means that no more worrying about junk ingredients hidden away causing itching, digestive pain, obesity and harmful allergic reactions.
HEALTHY! Grain free dried fish dog treats mean fewer digestion or itching issues associated with gluten; High in Omega 3 means help for dry skin, aching joints and a lovely glossy coat; Low Fat means fewer weight problems; Just One Ingredient – means no hidden nasties. All of Which means that your dog is more healthy, happier and you help your dog steer clear of those scary trips to the vet!
A FRESH APPROACH! Hypoallergenic fish skin cubes are dried from raw & include only 100% tasty whitefish skin Which means that delicious treats for your dog even supposing they be afflicted by allergies, itching, sensitive stomach or digestive problems (no grains, derivatives or other junk causing problems). Fish is easily digestible and full of Omega 3. Believe seeing their faces light up as you give them a delicious treat that won’t cause terrible itching or digestive problems.

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