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CATSAN Hygiene Litter is made of unique mineral granules consisting of the finest natural quartz sand, purest lime in addition to a highly effective mineral formula. Its fine pored surface absorbs moisture extremely fast like a sponge, safely locking it in. The unique natural mineral composition prevents the development of odour three times more effectively than another conventional cat litter. It is low dust, non-scented and does not contain any artificial additives. Millions of micropores on the surface of each and every granule absorb moisture like a sponge, safely locking it in. Thus the litter tray remains visibly clean and hygienic. CATSAN Hygiene cat litter consists of natural quartz sand and lime giving CATSAN Hygiene Litter the hygienic fresh appearance and is extremely low dust. CATSAN Hygiene cat litter provides a particularly powerful odour prevention. Naturally effective ingredients prevent the growth of bacteria and by doing so they stop unpleasant odours before they are able to develop. The first experiences kittens make with the cat litter box are fundamental for their whole life. With CATSAN Hygiene cat litter kittens feel comfortable with their hygiene from the beginning, they are going to stay true to their nature of being neat and clean.

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Catsan Hygiene Cat Litter 20L (PACK OF 2)
20000ml (x2)
Quantity: 2

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