Two different size bird feeding bowls  -The dimensions are 14*5.5cm, 12 * 5cm and 10 * 4.5cm. Different sizes can just correspond to the feeding and drinking functions. You can use a smaller bowl to drain water, which can urge you to change the water more frequently. Or it can be used to hold pet snacks, etc.. Two sizes to meet your different needs.
Safe food-grade stainless steel-our birdcage suspension bowls are made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel.It’s safety and non-toxicity, high toughness without deformation, and environmental protection.Long-term use is completely harmless to pets and can be used with confidence.
Easy to use-all you have to do is to fix the iron plate and bowl holder to the cage with special screws, without any tool assistance, you can tighten it directly by hand. Then place the bowl on a dedicated bowl stand. (Iron sheet, special screws, and bowl stand are included)
Stable hanging and fixing / easy to clean-our pet bowls can be fixed on pet cages such as cat cages, dog cages, bird cages, etc., very stable, don’t worry about pets overturning water and food, only cleaning Remove the bowl and wash it, and then put it back on the bowl rack.Very convenient and practical.
Multiple uses-It can be fixed on the cage and used. It is one of the main methods of use. Because the bowl rack and the bowl are separated, there are other uses. You can use it directly. You can use it for cats. Rabbits, parrots and other small animals feed.



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