【Easy to Observe】Transparent ant box, convenient to clear observation of ant daily life and interesting watching of work and communication. The top cover is easy to open, with a pet humidification area, small and convenient.
【Science Education Toy】This acrylic ant box is a good gift for a child to cultivate his interest in science. Practical, can be an education toy. Perfect gift for child to cultivate his/ her interest in science.
【Ant Feeding Box】True anthill, valid for the raise of ants, with queen. It’s an original and decorative ants nest. It’s easy to use, give ants a warm home.
【Anti-escape Design】Anti-escape designed, ant house with wide round cover, easy for feeding and cleaning, ensures ants can not easily escape from the house.
【High Quality】This is a quality acrylic ants insects feeding box, transparent, offering 360 degrees clear view, no harm to the health of ants. Good sealing effect ensures the stability of ant nest.




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