【Regular Eating】:With built-in programmable device,DADYPET Automatic Pet Feeder can provide 4 meals on scheduled time and each meal size can be controlled in 1-9 servings (each 10g) according to your pet’s need.The regular times,the regular meal size and the same pattern of meals can keep food fresh and are good for your pet’s health.
【Upgrade desigen and Dual power】:With an impeller with strong toughness,even if there is a food jam, DADYPET Auto Pet Dispenser willl return to back to normal after bloacked food is cleared away.Food Dispense is supported 4 C-size batteries and a DC adapter power.The battery backup power enables your timed feedings to continue and avoid data loss when power off.(batteries not included)
【LCD Color Screen】 :All programming is clear and easy to preset. at the same time,LCD can show the meal setting and meal situation. Red line indicates no programmed meal. Green dots indicate uneaten. The exclusive design is to ensure that you can know and control the feeding situation of your love pet.
【Improved Structure】:Be made of ABS material, non-toxic and safe,removable food container and stainless steel food bowl structure are are easy to remove and dishwash,convenient and simple.The tightly lid prevents the food from getting wet and keep the food fresh/crunchy.
【Warranty】:Please read the manual carefully and set meal according to instructions,DADYPET provides 365 days after-sales service for all products. For any questions or product problems, welcome to contact our professional & 24 hours online services team.



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