Adapter:British standard adapter
Material: Plastic+Metal
Suitable pets:Tortoise/Turtlereptiles/amphibians/fish/mammals/succulents
Length: 40 cm
Shade diameter: 4.2 cm
Color: black
Packing list:
1x clip lamp holder
1xE27 25W bulb
1xE27 50W bulb

This tortoise baksing light adopts ceramic lamp holder (metal tube, burn protection, high temperature resistance), it may be used for a very long time.
This lamp can rotate 360°, supports free adjustment of lighting angle, this can be a standard suitable for more than a few E27 bulbs. The two
included 25W + 50W full spectrum bulbs is made of vacuum glass tube design to reduce filament oxidation and extend lamp lifetime.

Note: The UVA UVB Tortoise heat lamp emits UV light, so do not stare at it for a very long time.Pleas place it directly on top of your pet,
taking care not to let the pet crawl inside the body of the light.

【Healthy selection For reptiles】Providing the necessary UVB rays to reptiles with light close to sunlight. It helps digest and absorb food, as well as calcium metabolism, which is very important for bone growth and the prevention of metabolic disorders.
【Simulated desert lighting】High UVB radiation is similar to the natural desert environment, it has numerous direct sunlight, and high ultraviolet rays, so it is effective for the synthesis of vitamin D, which is optimal for reptiles.
【Multi-purpose】Ideal for reptiles, amphibians, fish, mammals and succulents. Two spare bulbs of 25W and 50W.
【Free Adjustment】Temperature may also be adjusted at any time by turning the button. The lamp head may also be rotated 360 degrees and the direction may also be freely changed to keep watch over the position of the lighting (Note: The distance between the light bulb and the pet will have to be at least 30CM).
【Multifunctional lamp holder】This tortoise heat lamp can be used for other E27 bulbs such as fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps, ceramic bulbs, UV lamps, halogen lamps and LEDs.

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