❤ Ideal for trimming horses, ponies, cows, cattle, large and medium-sized dogs, other livestock, fur garment factory stitching, carpets, plastic threads, etc., very suitable for trimming the rope path, fish hook, face, ears, and even can be solved Mild body trimming problems.
❤ 690W power and high cutting speed of 2400 rmp, save your time, upgrade the copper motor with high heat resistance, low noise and low vibration, can provide maximum power to achieve faster trimming and whole body shaving, quickly provide and Simple way to modify.
❤ 6 speeds can achieve fast and precise cutting, low speed (1-3) can provide accuracy, and have a quieter performance to clamp sensitive areas, and high speed (4-6) can provide maximum power to achieve more When quick trimming and full body shaving are lowered, the knob can be turned to adjust the blade pressure, which helps the cutting to proceed smoothly and quickly.
❤ The cooling mechanism with ventilation device can prevent overheating during use and prolong the service life. The sharp blade is made of high-grade steel to ensure long-term durable durability, which can quickly and effectively cut the hair and protect the animal from Cut or stab.
❤ The ergonomic handle makes it comfortable and easy to grip. The reinforced nylon polymer body reduces the vibration of animal hair cutting and keeps your hand stable.


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