BALANCED AND COMPLETE NUTRIENTS for adult dogs that is balanced to help maintain a healthy body condition. Contains easy to digest selected ingredients and a balanced nutrient profile, helping to support optimum digestion.
TOP QUALITY PROTEIN. Regional and fresh duck, lamb, beef and chicken that is nutritious, easy to digest and flavorful. The essential amino acids contribute to healthy hair and skin, muscle development and tissue repair.
GRAIN-FREE recipe that is suitable for dogs with grain allergies. This can help your dog with getting less flaky skin, a shinier coat, whiter teeth and improves their breath. This is also made with species-appropriate and natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives, colours or aromas.
STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM from mixed berries or wild herbs. Vitamin A for optimum eye health, Vitamins C scavenges potentially harmful free radicals and helps reduce inflammation and cognitive aging and vitamin E for cell function and fat metabolism. These essentials keep your pet healthy.
SAVORY DRY CHEWABLE KIBBLE. The special shape and large pieces of the kibble helps to promote easier chewing and can prevent your dog from wolfing down its food. A durable toy, for tug-of-war or fetch games. With a cord and loop, for extra grip when playing with your dog and a sturdy rubber ball.




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