Easy to Use—Saving escape ramp is assembly and placement, just set the weight on the pool deck and the float in the water with the back edge tight to the pool wall.
Reduces Pool Maintenance—Ramp is a good solution for small animals to escape from pool, won’t damage or leave dirty items in your pool, also will reduce a lot of time and energy to clean up your swimming pool.
Cute Practical Pool Decoration—Animal escape ramp is helpful for critters to save from your pool, keeping animal safe while keeping pool sanitary all season, also is a cute and unusual pool decoration, flexible for easier carry.
Allows Animals to Easily Escape to Safety—Animal saving escape ramp is helpful for frogs, toads, ducks and more, which provide animals with an escape route and won’t leave wreckage drifting across the water, keeps water cleaner while won’t ruin your swimming pool.
Last for Many Years to Use—Floating ramp not only keeps the pool cleaner, but also facilitates the safe escape of small animals falling into the water; Waterproof and durable materials will provide years of continue using.



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