Style Name:Litterfree Paws

Box Contains

1x Ever Clean® Litterfree Paws Cat Litter, 10 Litre, Scented

LITTERFREE PAWS CAT LITTER promises as much as 3x cleaner paws* and reduced trailing implies that the litter stays within the tray
IDEAL formulA for kittens and cats: Larger granules would possibly not get stuck to paws or fur making it ideal for kittens or cats
99.9% DUST FREE WHEN IN USE: A premium clumping cat litter that permits you and your cat to respire simple** by minimising dust.
Proprietary activated carbon technology: traps and locks in odour quite than masking it, getting rid of urine, faecal and ammonia odour on contact
LONG-LASTING: 10l boxes last for as much as two months***, that means less litter box changes and saving you money



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