Safety and environmental protection material: adopt environmental protection material, safe, no smell, please feel free to use. Its 12 centimeters in size ( about 4.72 inches ).Porous design: Increase the ball friction and air circulation, pets will not heat or feel difficult to breathe staying inside for a long time.
Easy to operate:The both cover is designed with a dark buckle. When the installation is performed, the position of the dark buckle of the cover is aligned with the corresponding position of the running ball, and the cover needs to be screwed until it is screwed to the head.The Lids on both sides cover is the entrance for the pet, and a small hole is reserved in the middle.
Exercise toy: This ball allows the Hamster to mix play and exercise, making it more enjoyable for the hamster and more motivated to keep in good shape.
Keep Healthy—Its transparent design will make you see clearly while the hamster doing exercise, and you can play together with your pet to increase more pleasure.
Perfect Place—Fashionable, nice design, cute and lovely. An ideal place designed for your little friends, safe and warm for them to sleep or play inside.


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