[ Low Vibration & 6 Speeds Control ] New professional clippers with 690W motor power and variable 6 speed control up to 2400RPM. Shearing speed is much faster than manual. 5m cable that comes with (196.8 in), Long Enough
[ High-quality & Long Life ] This electric horses clipper has High quality blades.Ultra-sharp blade with high hardness and toughness, blade pressure adjustable with rotating button, which helps shearing smoothly and quickly.High quality motor provides for long lifespan with high heat resistance, low noise and vibration.
[ User-friendly & Easy Maintenance ] The humanized design of the grip structure of the scissors,with a comfortable grip making precision shearing,long time shearing, hand will not fatigue. cooling air flow ventilators prevent the blades and head from overheating while clipping. Suitable for daily tailoring, novices can also quickly master use skills.When not using, just clean up, add lubricants and store in a dry place
[ Suitable for Most Livestock ] A professional farm engineering tool,By replacing the clipper blade to meet the needs of most farms.It efficiently shaving fur wool in sheeps, goats, cattle, alpaca, llamas, large dogs, angora rabbits,and other farm livestock pet animals. Regular hair cutting for livestock is good for the healthy growth of domestic animals.Best choice for farmers to save costs
[ Note ] Only [Good man shop] will offer 1 set of free spare blades! Please confirm that you purchased the Horse Clippers in [Good man shop], so as not to cause unnecessary loss. Remember to lubricate the blades while using the electric horse shears. Please read the operating instructions carefully before use.Please contact us if you have questions




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