INTERESTING INTERACTIVE TOYS: Hamster ball is a very interesting interactive toy. Your hamsters can play freely in the ball, which can eliminate their boredom and increase activity. Running makes them healthy and active! The owner can observe their every move through the transparent ball, very interesting!
SAFE MATERIAL: Running hamster ball is made of premium PVC material, eco-friendly, odorless, safe, durable and friendly to pet. And PVC material makes it very easy to clean and smell proof. It provides a safe and comfortable space for your pet!
GOOD EXERCISE BALL: There are many vents and anti-slip strips in hamster exercise ball. Vents can keep the air circulating in the ball and anti-slip strips can make hamster run better. It provides a breathable and safe space for hamsters. They can do aerobic exercise in it and play for a long time!
A GOOD TEMPORARY HOME: Plastic hamster ball also provides a good temporary home for hamsters when you are cleaning their nests! Let it play freely in the ball!
EASY TO USE: Hamster jogging ball is very easy to install. Just need the buckle of the cover to align with the corresponding position of the running ball, then tighten the cover to the end.(you can follow the picture) The buckle design can ensure the safety of hamsters very well.




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