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Super Strong Magnetic Reptile Feeder Ledge (includes 10 cups) – absolute best for crested geckos! Removable & easy to scrub magnetic reptile feeding ledge. Uses super strong magnets providing an elevated food & water platform, right where arboreal geckos wish to eat. Is helping save you geckos from walking through their food and helps to keep insects from drowning in water dishes. Small Ledge uses (0.5 oz / 15ml) shallow disposable cups (10 included). Large Ledge uses (1.5 oz / 44ml) shallow disposable cups (10 included). Magnets are rubber coated to extend friction against glass and save you any corrosion of the magnets as a result of high humidity inside vivariums. When used through 4mm glass, the ledges will beef up a MINIMUM weight of 300g at its weakest point, with a maximum supported weight of 470g.

Easy to take away and clean
Spare cups avaliable (10 included)
Rubber coated magnets

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