THE PERFECT BRUSH TO GET ALL DIRT AND LOOSE HAIR OUT OF YOUR PET’S FUR – Hertzko’s Brush gently removes loose hair, and eliminates tangles, dander and trapped dirt. WORKS GREAT ON DOGS AND CATS WITH ALL SIZES AND HAIR TYPES!
GENTLE & SAFE – Pins are manufactured with ROUNDED ENDS so it won’t damage or scratch your pet’s skin.
COMFORTABLE, STRONG, AND DURABLE- Our Brush is especially designed with a COMFORT-GRIP and ANTI-SLIP HANDLE, which prevents hand and wrist strain no matter how long you brush your pet!
GROOMS AND MASSAGES FOR A HEALTHY COAT – Brushing your pet occasionally increases blood circulation and leaves your pet with healthy skin and a shiny topcoat.
WHAT IS YOUR RISK? NOTHING. If our Brush is not everything that we say it is, and you’re not completely satisfied with it within 30 days of purchase; we will every penny of yourstraight away.



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