230V/50Hz, UK standard plug, 150cm Power Cable

Temp Rang: 24℃-26℃ (most comfortable tempfor the various little fish)

Heater Size: 18x2cm

Recommended Fish Tank Size: 50W for 10L-60L;

Suitable for both seawater and fresh water.


1, Simpler Operation, MoreAccurate, Higher Performance, Super Mini and Cute.

2, Without adjustment knob, we will seal the tube tighter and provide better sealing, so it is more safety and more durable.

3, Special design forsmall aquariums. Particularly suitable for creating ideal conditions for little fish living.

Question: Whythis preset heater is more suitable for small aquarium?

Answer: There aremany adjustable heaters out there, but many customers complain that theyonly adjust the temp at the first the use of, then let it alone perpetually. Exceptthat, the adjustment device occupies some space, it asks the heating elementfocus and the heating dissipation is too fast. Moreover, the adjustment devicehas a bad effect for the accuracy, also waste some power.

Therefore, we designed this preset heater, cancelthe unnecessary device, save some space to make it Mini, More Energy-saving,More accurate. And considering the delicate little fish, padding it with finesand, make the heating dissipation slow and stable, create a better environment for your lovely little fish. So, this preset heater is more suitable for littlefish. If you want a heater smaller than 100W, choose this preset heater canbring you better experience.

🐟 [Super Mini and Cute] Aquarium heater size only 18x2cm, no adjustment knob, streamline design make it kind of feels smaller, first-class taking a look in aquarium, easier to hide or match your current fish tank scenery.
🐟 [More Accurate] The 50W preset aquarium heater have a built-in electronic thermostat, it is going to fully automatically keep the water temperature stable, more accurate than adjustable heater.
🐟 [Simpler Operation] This pre-set heater will automatically keep your aquarium at 24℃-26℃, this is the most suitable temperature for little fish.
🐟 [Higher Performance] This fish tank thermostat, adopt high-quality quartz and inside padding with fine sand, well-proportioned and warm heating dissipation, friendlier for little fish.
🐟 [Good Service] A sticker thermometer as a present for you; We offer 24 months warranty and 24 hours service on a daily basis.

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