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Internal systemic bacterial infections are a not unusual lead to of death in aquarium fish, in the past best treatable with veterinary prescribed antibiotics. Anti internal bacteria is a breakthrough non-prescription product, which halts the progress of bacterial problems inside of your aquarium and prevents them spreading.

Use this remedy if your fish show any of the next symptoms: Swollen eyes, open sores, abdominal swelling, hollow abdomen, reddening/blood streaks under the surface surface, gills pale and eroded, lack of appetite, listlessness and a darkening colour or sudden unexplained deaths. Don’t use in marine aquariums or with scaleless fish.

Box Contains

1 x 100 ml bottle of Anti Internal Bacteria

  • 1 x Pip[ette
  • 1 x Measuring Cap

  • Treats systemic bacteria, halts progress of bacterial problems
    Patented breakthrough formula
    For use in cold water or tropical freshwater aquariums
    With all aquarium fish treatments it is important to treat at the first sign of illness
    It is important to make sure adequate aeration is in place before adding treatment to your aquarium; it is always a good idea to increase aeration when possible

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