✿ High Quality:Made of soft silicone with good elasticity, the dog collar light can achieve a certain degree of waterproof and anti-fall effect.
✿ 2 Ways for Wearing:There are 2 kinds of wearing ways, the flashing blinker can be hung on the small hoop of the collar, or it can be stuck directly around the collar.
✿ Replaceable Battery:The battery is disposable, the normal using time of one battery is about 24 hours. Please replace it when the battery is exhausted.
✿ Function:The pet collar light is convenient for finding the position of the pet when going out at night and preventing the child from losing when playing; It can also be applied for emergency short-time light source during cycling, camping and hiking.
✿ Note:Please do not put the product in a damp place or soak in water to ensure long-time use and make sure to turn off to save power when not in use.



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