LARGE CAGE: Our large C&C cages provide no less than 8 square feet of living area, twice more than traditional cages. Here’s a cage that in the end guarantees guinea pigs and hedgehogs a real quality of life, as beneficial by vets.
CREATIVE, FUN & MODULAR: This cage is made of grid panels to place according to your animal’s needs which makes it fully customizable. You’ll be able to decorate it to your taste with Kavee fleece bedding and ramp covers.
EASY TO CLEAN AND ACCESS: It is usually very easy to clean and access thanks to its open top and door grids rotating 180 degrees. It may be stored flat for simple transport. Great for traveling and out of doors use too.
EASY ASSEMBLY THANKS TO PRE-CUT COROPLAST: We are the inventor of the coroplast sheet designed for guinea pigs with unique locking slots. Our C and C cages set up in minutes. No tools or connecting pieces required to set up.
COMPLETE SET: This set comprises 14 modular wire grid panels, 2 door-grids, 28 corner connectors, 5 cable ties, 1 corrugated plastic cage base 3×2 and 1 loft 1×2 in coroplast with locking slots, which is an exclusive Kavee feature.



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