【Convenient】The magic product can remove your pet dog and cat hair easily from furniture, couches, beds, comforters, blankets and more. This reusable pet hair remover for furniture is easy to clean. Holding the fur roller, rolling back and forth on the surface, all the hair is collected in the dustbin. Press the button to remove all pet hair from the bin.
【Solid & Durable】High-quality nylon and ABS plastic ensure the comfort and durability of the pet hair brush. It is durable and never breaks in REGULAR use. Our handle is more durable than others. You can use for a long time.
【Easy to Use】Simply use the roller back and forth to capture all pet hair and lint into the dust receptacle. No need to spend time fiddling a sticky chemical roller. This design uses the wonder of static electricity to pull hairs off your carpet.
【Reusable】Just open the lid and remove the hair from the dustbin. With this reusable pet hair lint roller, no longer to waste money on refills nor batteries. What’s more, you do not have to tear off the lint roller paper again.
【Wide Applications】Besides removing and shedding pets hair, it is quite necessary to remove the fur of pets from furniture, like sofas, couches, bedding, carpets, blankets, comforters, and even clothes.




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