MEKEET dog treat Chew Toys is made of natural durable rubber material, which is nontoxic, soft, resilient and bite resistant for your dogs grinding and cleaning their teeth.Your sweet pets will no longer feel lonely and the relationship between you and your pets will be closer with this interesting colorful chew toy .And the chew toy is great to roll and to throw, also very easy to clean.This can be a good company for your dog when they will have to be stay at home alone.


Suitable for medium and large dogs


large dogs chew toy


Dog Treat Chew Toys

Dog chew toys can add dog food or dog snacks to draw dogs to play. The dog flicked the chewing toy and the snack leaked out, training the dog’s brain.It’s an Puzzle toy for dogs.

  • 1.Dog Treat toy
  • 2.Five colors attract the attention of dogs
  • 3.Cleaning teeth

Chew toys that dogs like

Dog chew toys are suitable for large dogs to chew, and are of firm quality, which is good for teething. Relieve the dog’s anxiety and bring happiness to the dog.Is a puzzle game that dogs like.

  • 1.Suitable for medium and large dogs
  • 2.size:5.5in*2.55in
  • 3.Relieve the boredom of the dog and avoid destroying the furniture

<a href="javascript:void(0)" data-action="a-expander-toggle" class="a-declarative" data-a-expander-toggle="protected, non-toxic, soft material, will not harm the dog's teeth. It is helpful for dogs to clean their teeth and bring healthy gums.







Cleaning teeth and remove bad breath

Dog Treat Chew Toys Can add dog food to draw dogs to play

Chew, have fun, training your dog’s brain

<a href="javascript:void(0)" data-action="a-expander-toggle" class="a-declarative" data-a-expander-toggle="You'll be able to pour the dog food or snacks your dog likes into the dog chew toy; dog chew toys will also be added with dog food on three sides. When the dog chews or shakes the toy, the dog food will slowly pour out, increasing the dog's foraging Fun, training the dog's brain.
[Dog teeth cleaning toy] There are lots of rubber bumps on the outside of the dog snack chew toy, which can clean the teeth of the large dog when the large dog chews the toy, can enhance the chewing habits of the large dog, and is an ideal choice for reducing tartar and dental plaque.
[Interactive puzzle dog chew toys] You'll be able to add dog food to the puppy chew toy to draw the puppy to chew, training the puppy to jump, release the dog's nature, reduce destructive chewing, and increase the communication between the puppy and the owner.
[Natural rubber dog treat chew toys] The dog snack chew toys are made of natural rubber, secure and non-toxic, with soft material, and can be utilized by dogs with confidence. 14cm is suitable for small dogs and large dogs.
[After-sales] You'll be able to pour puppy snacks into dog snack chew toys, cleaning the teething of large dogs and puppies, training the dog's intelligence, increase the communication between the pet dog and the owner,and it is an ideal choice for dog toys. When you've got any questions about pet dog snack chew toys, please feel free to contact us.

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