MEKEET dog ball toy is made of natural durable rubber material, which is nontoxic, soft, resilient and bite resistant for your dogs grinding and cleaning their teeth.Your sweet pets will no longer feel lonely and the relationship between you and your pets will be closer with this interesting colorful chew toy balls.And the ball is great to roll and to throw, also very easy to clean.This is a good company for your dog when they must be stay at home alone.

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Dog toy squeaky ball

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Rubber toy ball

The dog toy squeak toy ball is made of natural rubber, indestructible and soft, will not harm the dog’s teeth and mouth, and the ingredients are protected and can be utilized by dogs with confidence.

  • 1.protected and non-toxic
  • 2.Soft material

Dog toy squeak ball

Rugby football dog toy

The dog toy squeaking ball can squeak when the puppy is chew, attract the attention of the dog, training the puppy’s intelligence and behavior habits, develop the puppy’s brain, is puzzle toy for the puppy, and can be used when you aren’t at home Accompany the dog, relieve the dog’s boredom, is the best gift and game toy for the dog at Christmas

  • 1.4in*2.28in, suitable for puppy chew, suitable for cleaning puppy teeth, training puppy’s intelligence and behavior habits
  • 2.The squeak toy ball can relieve the dog’s boredom and bring happiness to the dog. It is the ideal choice for Christmas gifts
  • 3.The rugby design allows the dog to bite better, easily catch the ball thrown in the air by the owner, and let the dog play more enjoyable

★[Rubber material] The dog toy squeaky ball is made of natural rubber, which is protected and non-toxic. The material is soft and can be utilized by dogs with confidence. Suitable for puppies.
★[Interactive puzzle dog toy ball] The dog toys can increase your interaction and puzzle training with the puppy dog, training the puppy’s reaction ability and jumping ability, and release the puppy’s energy. The dog can also cleaning the dog’s teeth at the same time as chewing on the dog toy ball.
★[Squeaky dog toy ball] The dog toy ball can make a squeaky sound. When the dog bites the toy ball, it makes a squeaky, imitating the dog’s barking sound of catching prey, attracting the dog’s play and releasing the dogs nature .
★[Dog toy American football] We make the appearance of the dog toy ball into a rugby-like shape, which is the brightest kind of many outdoor dog toys. We training and guide the behavior habits of the puppy and fortify the relationship between you and the dog.
★[Good after-sales service] I hope our dog toy ball can bring happiness to your pet puppy dogs. It has also turn out to be the best choice for Christmas pets. When you’ve got any questions about dog toy balls, please feel free to contact us.

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