[High-quality material] The pet training bell is made of high-quality steel and plastic, which is not easy to rust and deform.
[Easy to use] Put the dog bell on any flat place, just teach your pet to press the button with his paw. It is also very convenient to carry, the bell is small, and it is easy to carry when you and your pet are outdoors.
[Communication equipment] It is very suitable for interactive training of pets and can be used as communication equipment, such as pet feeding training, potty training, indoor and outdoor training or teaching pets to ring the bell. You can train your pets through the pet training bell to enhance your relationship with your pets.
[Wide use] These sizes are very suitable for all pets, whether it is a puppy, a big dog or a cat, bells are very suitable to make them a daily activity and make your life easier.
[Very durable] The bell is mechanically designed, does not require charging, is sturdy and durable, can withstand huge pressure and weight, is easy to clean and easy to store.




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