Comfy and Safe: Nontoxic, no wires, bite-resistant. The plate-sized pet heating pad can be easily put under the pet bed to provide safe and soothing warmth. Ideal for puppies, pet rehabilitation and elderly pets.
Soft and Skin-friendly: No recharging required, the Microwave Wireless Heatpad features the long-lasting warmth, and the soft skin-friendly cover makes it more perfect, and the pet heating pad is suitable for travel and portability, your pet will love it.
Microwave Fast Heating: This pet microwave heating pad only needs to be placed in the 800W microwave oven for 6 minutes. And it can provide all the heat of ordinary thermos, and the eco-friendly gel retains heat for 8 hours+.
Soft Wool Cover: The pet heating pad features the soft cover, so your cat or dog can lie directly on it, or insert them into your bed cover.
Easy to Clean: 2 covers are included. The Wool Cover is fixed by hook-and-loop fastener, which can be easily removed and thrown into the washing machine.



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