▼Safe and environmentally friendly – This product is a photocatalyst mosquito killer, non-chemical, non-toxic, non-radiative, suitable for baby and mother. Ultra-quiet design with almost no noise. Enjoy no mosquito nights.
▼UV – Our mosquito killer uses ultraviolet light at 365nm to attract mosquitoes and bugs. Mosquitoes attracted by the 360-degree ultraviolet light will be sucked into the insect trap, and the suction of the built-in streamlined fan will completely hang the mosquito.
▼Removable and easy to clean – The mosquito killer is easy to clean. One-piece mosquito box design, no oxidation, no rust, good air permeability, super durable. The body is waterproof and can be cleaned directly.
▼Suitable for dark environments: When using insects, try turning off the light or dimming the light in the mosquito repellent area to avoid interference from other light sources. If you stay away from it after a while, it’s best to turn it on because the carbon dioxide you produce is more attractive to mosquitoes than mosquito killers!
▼USB powered and widely used – USB 5V power supply that can be connected to an adapter, mobile power, computer or any device with a USB port. Suitable for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, basements, shops, offices, travel or camping.



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