Size Name:3 Pack Small/Medium 50-80g

Perfect Christmas gift set for a small to medium dog or puppy

Personalised Giftbox – Our unique box design means no wrapping is required. Just simply put the name of your furry friend on the gift tag and let them know who loves them. The very best treat for your pooch to enjoy whilst you tuck into Christmas dinner.

Each set contains a piece of the following antler:

Red deer – The strongest and longest lasting antler in the set
Fallow deer – A softer antler for your dog’s enjoyment
Split red deer – Split down the middle for easier access to the marrow of the antler

100% Natural chews for dogs

Antlers have been cleaned (with no chemicals)

Quite a lot of sizes/weights/shapes for dogs to chew on

Long lasting, and unprocessed

All items are eco friendly and natural

Antlers are naturally shed

Good for your dog’s oral hygiene

Implausible source of minerals for dogs

It is a good idea to supervise dogs and puppies even as chewing

Antlers will differ in colour & shapes as they’re entirely natural

Eco Friendly | All 3 treats of the Christmas gift set are eco friendly and sustainably sourced. Included in the hamper is one piece of; Red Deer, split Red Deer & Fallow. Each providing natural sources of minerals, even as also occupying chewing urges.
Personalised Christmas Gift Box | Our unique box design means no wrapping is required, just simply add your names to the printed gift tag. The very best treats for your four legged friend to enjoy whilst you tuck into Christmas dinner.
Health Benefits | Deer antler chews are a natural source of calcium, zinc and other essential minerals. Chewing also helps to clean teeth and reduce plaque, bettering your dogs oral hygiene.
Long Lasting & Odourless | Our long lasting chew selection will keep your dog occupied and satisfied for hours. These natural products are also odourless and free from any man made materials. Dogs and puppies must be supervised all the time even as chewing.
Natural & Varied | Being a natural product all antlers will vary in shape, size, colour and may vary from the shown images. We size based on weight; Small pieces are 25-50g and are suitable for dogs & puppies up to 5kg, Small/Medium pieces are 50-80g and are suitable for dogs and puppies up to 12kg.

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