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NT Labs Koi Care Mediclay controls the waste build-up of bacteria, algae and pollutants in favour of nitrifies. Clears water, improves health, appetite and reduces algae in Koi ponds. Use weekly to keep the water crystal clear or day by day when fish are sickly or recovering from disease. High Purity Improves Appetite of Koi Reduces Algae and Clears Water Pure high-grade ultra-fine powdered montmorillonite revitaliser clay. Can be utilized with salt within the water and at any temperature. Don’t use even as treating the pond with a medication. Does no longer put off chlorine, use dechlorinators on the same time if required when topping up. There are two different dose rates depending on what is required: Dose A – to beef up water quality and clarity: 100 grams per 4500 Litres (1000 gallons) per week. Dose B – if fish have body damage or symptoms of unwell health: 200 grams per 4500 Litres (1000 gallons) per week.

High purity
Improves water clarity
Improves appetite of Koi
Improves koi health & colour
Reduces algae growth

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