SAFE ODOUR CONTROL: ONA is a unique blend of natural essential oils that combine to provide a safe and powerful odour eliminator. Unlike air fresheners which simply mask bad smells, ONA will completely remove unwanted odours from the air!
NATURAL FORMULATION: The powerful odour neutralising formulation of ONA is created from a blend of 32 natural essential oils. You can use ONA to eliminate odours safely around people, pets and plants. ONA does not contain any toxic ingredients or harsh chemicals.
IDEAL FOR SMALL ROOMS: ONA Blocks are ideal to remove odours in small areas and rooms. Use in vehicles, garages, bathrooms, closets, bedrooms or kitchens to eliminate bad smells effectively. ONA Blocks are also perfect to remove pet odours around cat litter trays and dog baskets.
EASY TO USE: Simply attach the vented lid or remove the lid entirely and expose the block to the air. The lifespan of the block will vary but it will be effective for around 4 weeks relative to the airflow and environment around the block.
CONVENIENT SIZE: ONA Block is an odour neutraliser in solid form. Once opened, the block can be left where required to neutralise odours without the worry of mess or spillages. Measuring only 79mm x 71mm x 71mm, ONA Block is a convenient size for easy placement around your home, workplace or vehicle.




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