PEDIGREE ADULT MEAT SELECTION Bundle contains 24 x 400g Meat Selection in Gravy (Chicken, Lamb & Beef), 24 x 400g Meat Selection in Loaf (Original, Chicken & Lamb) And 3 x Pedigree Schmackos Multi 4 Flavours (beef, chicken, lamb & duck varieties)
VARIETY Bring variety and enjoyment to your dog’s food bowl with this Pedigree Adult Meat Selection Multipack! It contains wet food in delicious flavour in loaf or chunks in gravy, tasty options that are suitable for everyday complete feeding.
WITH CALCIUM Help support healthy bone maintenance to keep bones strong, and is a source of natural fibre to support healthy digestion. Plus Vitamin E supports the body’s immune system. And free from artificial colourings and flavourings.
BALANCED AND COMPLETE: suitable as a complete food for daily canine nutrition. Also contains zinc and sunflower oil with omega-6 fatty acids, encouraging healthy skin and glossy coat. All in great flavour and provides your dog with everything it needs for good health and nutrition.
PEDIGREE SCHMACKOS provide your dog with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins & minerals to help maintain natural defences and keep your dog’s skin and fur healthy. They are perfect for a treat just to show your pet how much you love it, or as a reward for good behaviour.



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