THE unhairing is made for results – The Dog & Cat Brush makes your pets coat smoother, shinier, cleaner and healthier by removing loose fur and trapped dirt from deep beneath the topcoat.stimulate the oil glands and provide a healthy coat.
ONE click fur remover button – The fur remover button makes deshedding and brushing your pets fast, simple and enjoyable for you and your furry family member. Just brush, click and the fur is gone.
DURABLE high quality – Tested and designed for dramatic results with deshedding, dematting, and detangling. The bristles are FINE bent wires designed to penetrate DEEP into the coat and is really able to groom the undercoat well without scratching your pet’s skin!
EASY to clean – The round, green button on the handle operates a very simple and yet ingenious mechanism for releasing all the dead fur and debris that the brush picks up. The retractable bristle design keeps the grooming brush safe and easy to store in your grooming kit when it is not in use.
SUITABLE types of pet – This brush is suitable for animals- especially dogs with medium and long fur. It is not suitable for animals with very short hair since the brush teeth are a little thin and may feel sharp.




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