Safe & Humane Technology – Our anti-bark dog collar uses sound and vibration to suppress any sudden urge to bark without causing any harm or distress to your Pet Pal. Our product strictly prohibits the use of shock or spray, which can be found in similar products elsewhere.
Suitable for all breeds and sizes! Simply affix the anti-bark dog collar securely around your furry friends neck and let the collar work its magic!
Comes with 3 interchangeable faceplates in black, blue and pink straight out of the box! Turn your Pet Pal in to a status symbol with this premium, unique and stylish finish that will make your Pet Pal the centre of attention for all the right reasons!
30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!! If our product doesn’t work as advertised or if your Pet Pal isn’t drawing a crowd from our stylish design simply claim a refund no questions asked. Whatever the reason it doesn’t matter!!! Buy with confidence and peace of mind.



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