Foldable, height-adjustable bathtub functional stand for all TOPXtra bathtubs by Rotho Babydesign, Longer usability thanks to the extra length of 129 cm, Ideal for bathing large babies or twins
Maximum safety: Absolute stability, Fixed support of the separately available TOPXtra bathtubs in the upper frame of the stand, Use of the stand with height for babies up to 6 months
High comfort: Back-friendly and relaxed bathing thanks to height-adjustable stand, practical towel holder and integrated side shelf, Space-saving stowage
The bathtub may only be used on the frame until the child tries to stand up independently (approx. from the 6th month), Stand can be removed with a click to be able to use the bathtub on the floor.
Contents: 1 x Rotho Babydesign TOPXtra Bathtub Functional Stand for Assembly; 2 Plastic Side Parts, 2 Crossbars 4 Feet, Max. Load: 60 kg, 129 x 101 x 51.5 cm, Polypropylene/Stainless Steel, White, 20501


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