KEY FEATURES: Doro 6530 brings you loud and clear sound thanks to its compatibility with hearing aids (HAC) and many helpful features including e-mail and internet access, Bluetooth, quick access buttons, torch, talking number keys, adjustable font sizes, predictive text and 2MP camera with flash.
GPS AND EMERGENCY BUTTON: The built-in GPS functionality is a great way to keep family and friends in your network informed of your location. It also works together with the Assistance Button (located on the back of the device) to provide your GPS location in the case of an emergency.
MY DORO MANAGER: My Doro Manager is a convenient web service offered by Doro which enables you to easily manage your phone’s settings and content from anywhere. It’s also a great way to transfer data to a new phone, or to enable trusted relatives or friends to assist you from wherever they may be.
BATTERY: This 3G mobile phone for seniors comes with a standard UK mains charging plug and USB lead as well as a cradle to charge the de


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