Materials– The shoe rack is made from 100% eco-friendly resin plastic. It is not hard and brittle but rather flexible and durable.Quality steel frame also make it sturdy. 24/7 Customer Service Also Provided For Any Of Your Question.
Space– This a spacious shoe organizer with ample space to store different kinds of shoes, with larger compartments for larger shoes. One rack can fit about 16 – 48 pairs of adult shoes depending on the number of cubes. Each cube holds up to 10lbs of weight at one time.
Ease of configuration– The design has been simplified and instruction manuals reviewed to help our customers build their organizers swiftly. We also offer PDF instructions in case the customer needs additional assistance.
Multipurpose Organizer– The functionality of this organizer spreads across a range of areas of application from a mere shoe rack to a cubie bin even to a storage organizer. Shoes and boots no longer mess up your front door.
Customizable– Due to the modular nature


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