Includes 4 Strike Laser Tag Guns and deluxe collectible storage case. PLUS, no need for vests, because the blaster is also the target! Just aim for your opponents blaster.
Team Up or Every Man For Himself – Kids and adults can battle a friend or build alliances with the multiplayer mode. Simply choose one of the 4 team colours. Any number of guns can be used together, the more guns, the more fun!
100% Safe & Long Range – Each Laser Tag Gun can reach upto 40 metres whilst also being fully certified as a child safe, class 1 laser product with less than 1mW output (.0496mW)
Choose the gun type – 4 Blaster Settings use different amounts of ammo and take a different number of lives! Enjoy changing the settings during battle and reload!
Lives Indicator – 3 lights indicate how many lives you have left. Each player starts with 9 lives (1 light = 3 lives). Try to put out all the lights of your competitors!


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