​Polly Pocket and Lila dolls can enter the lobby through spinning doors by spinning the fountain; eat at the food court; check out clothes in the boutique and walk the runway
They can also visit the pet store with the aquarium and puppy area for Peaches, hang out at the electronics store and see a movie in the folding theatre with some popcorn
​Includes a Polly Ville Mega Mall toy with play pieces, vehicle, micro Polly and Lila dolls, Peaches the dog, sticker sheet and accessories
​This Mega Mall kids toy also comes with play pieces to customise the storytelling experience: 2 kiosks, checkout, table, 2 chairs and shopping bags
​Kids can fit the Polly and Lila dolls in the pink vehicle and play out driving them down the winding parking ramp and setting out on fun adventures
​An inspiring gift for 4 year olds and up


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