SHE REALLY GROWS: transforms from newborn to baby to big girl, changes size 10-cm and has over 75 sounds and phrases! It’s almost like 3-dolls-in-1! Reset Baby Alive Baby Grows Up doll to play again!
SURPRISES AT EVERY STAGE: care for her to discover surprises and eight doll accessories. When will she kick out of her swaddling blanket? What’s her first word? And when will your growing doll get taller?
DISCOVER EYE AND HAIR COLOUR: which baby will she be? Happy Hope or Merry Meadow? With her first bottle, she opens her eyes to reveal their colour. Remove her hat to see her pretty hair colour too!
SITS UP AND SAYS FIRST WORD: as a baby, Baby Alive Baby Grows Up talking doll reacts with cute phases and sounds. She even makes yummy noises when you feed her with her pretend food pouch
GROWS TALLER AND HAIR GETS LONGER: you helped her become a big girl! Hold her hands to stand her up and she gets taller. Dress her in her surprise skirt and shoes! Her hair extends longer too!


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