Compact and lightweight design , makes this washing machine ideal for places where space is limited,it is suitable for camping, caravan ,dorms apartments , college rooms,student flats, small accommodation and other compact environment , It is very easily in the boot of the car or in the caravan be put anywhere ,easy to move and transport to anywhere when you need
The portable washing machine is simple to use,only need put in your clothes and fill with water, then set the timer and start washing, features a built in a intake hose and a drainage tube which allows you to easily add water or drain out dirty water,Simply remove the spin basket to wash a load and replace it to spin dry,more stable with the bottom suction cup
Time control design ,there are two timer switches ,You can control the washing and dry time whatever you like,the washing tub that you can set between 1-15 minutes for it. And the other dry tub which can set between 1-3 minutes
The portable washing machine and spin basket is constructed of ABS


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