FRESH ARTISAN PASTA: Make fresh pasta from scratch in the comfort of your own home with our six-piece pasta making kit. The pasta set provides you with all the tools needed to make ravioli and gnocchi at home.
EXPERT PASTA MAKER: Each kit is complete with the essential tools and a set of simple, easy-to-follow instructions. Italian OO doppio flour is included within each pasta making kit – its finely ground, soft and silky texture makes it perfect for making and enjoying your own pasta at home.
HIGH-QUALITY TOOLS: Each tool within this Pasta Evangelists pasta-making set is crafted using the finest beechwood – a material chosen for its perfect combination of strength, durability and premium quality.
LUXURIOUS PASTA DISHES: Our cooking set also includes recipes for how to make delicious ravioli and gnocchi, shared by Roberta, our very own Pugliese Sfoglina (Head Pasta Chef).


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