PUPPYFOOD: Promama Anatolian Growth is suitable for puppies, young dogs and pregnant female dogs. Also applicable for the strengthening of sick dogs. Our dog food was produced without genetic engineering.
INGREDIENTS: High-quality dried lamb meat, special selected vegetable varieties, vitamins, Minerals and brown rice as the only grain component. Just the best ingredients fo the dry food of the puppies.
HIGH PERFORMANCE: Promotes the performance of the animal and the development of the bone structure. a high proportion of proteins and vitamins IS added to support a healthy growth.
VERY TASTY: Delicious composition of meat and vegetables is making the dry food tasty, it is even used by many dog owners as a treat for training.
QUALITY BRAND: Promama Anatolian Growth stands for high-quality dry food for dogs. With our recipe formula, our dog food is even suitable for hyperallergenic dogs. Be safe with Promama.



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